TY - CHAP A1 - Angélica Cristina Fernandes Deus A2 - Rosemary Marques de Almeida Bertani A3 - Guilherme Constantino Meirelles A4 - Anelisa de Aquino Vidal Lacerda Soares A5 - Lais Lorena Queiroz Moreira A6 - Leonardo Theodoro Büll and Dirceu Maximino Fernandes ED1 - Yingyi Zhang Y1 - 2019-02-20 PY - 2019 T1 - The Comprehensive Utilization of Steel Slag in Agricultural Soils N2 - At present, a lot of metallurgical solid wastes have not been timely and effectively recycled, resulting in serious problems of environmental pollution and waste of resources. As a result, large-scale comprehensive utilization technologies have been initiated, including slag dry granulation technology, steel slag cement technology, slag wool technology, slag waste heat recovery technology, etc. The comprehensive utilization of metallurgical solid waste has attracted worldwide attention. It is an effective way to improve the utilization efficiency of resources and the added value of products by using scientific metallurgical solid waste recycling methods. This book intends to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of metallurgical solid wastes comprehensive utilization technology. The comprehensive utilization methods of four representative metallurgical solid wastes are emphatically described, such as blast furnace slag, steel slag, tailings and metallurgical dust. BT - Recovery and Utilization of Metallurgical Solid Waste SP - Ch. 4 UR - https://doi.org/10.5772/intechopen.81440 DO - 10.5772/intechopen.81440 SN - 978-1-78985-102-1 PB - IntechOpen CY - Rijeka Y2 - 2021-12-06 ER -