TY - CHAP A1 - Rafael Vargas-Bernal ED1 - George Z. Kyzas ED2 - Athanasios Ch. Mitropoulos Y1 - 2017-05-17 PY - 2017 T1 - Graphene against Other Two-Dimensional Materials: A Comparative Study on the Basis of Photonic Applications N2 - Graphene is, basically, a single atomic layer of graphite, an abundant mineral that is an allotrope of carbon that is made up of very tightly bonded carbon atoms organized into a hexagonal lattice. What makes graphene so special is its sp2 hybridization and very thin atomic thickness (of 0.345 Nm). These properties are what enable graphene to break so many records in terms of strength, electricity, and heat conduction (as well as many others). This book gathers valuable information about many advanced applications of graphene (electrical, optical, environmental, cells, capacitors, etc). BT - Graphene Materials SP - Ch. 9 UR - https://doi.org/10.5772/67807 DO - 10.5772/67807 SN - 978-953-51-3142-7 PB - IntechOpen CY - Rijeka Y2 - 2021-11-30 ER -