TY - CHAP A1 - Dirk Pesch A2 - Susan Rea A3 - J. Ignacio Torrens A4 - Vojtech Zavrel A5 - J.L.M. Hensen A6 - Diarmuid Grimes A7 - Barry O'Sullivan A8 - Thomas Scherer A9 - Robert Birke A10 - Lydia Chen A11 - Ton Engbersen A12 - Lara Lopez A13 - Enric Pages A14 - Deepak Mehta A15 - Jacinta Townley A16 - Vassilios Tsachouridis ED1 - Giorgos Fagas ED2 - Luca Gammaitoni ED3 - John P. Gallagher ED4 - Douglas J. Paul Y1 - 2017-03-22 PY - 2017 T1 - Globally Optimised Energy-Efficient Data Centres N2 - In a previous volume (ICT-Energy-Concepts Towards Zero-Power ICT; referenced below as Vol. 1), we addressed some of the fundamentals related to bridging the gap between the amount of energy required to operate portable/mobile ICT systems and the amount of energy available from ambient sources. The only viable solution appears to be to attack the gap from both sides, i.e. to reduce the amount of energy dissipated during computation and to improve the efficiency in energy-harvesting technologies. In this book, we build on those concepts and continue the discussion on energy efficiency and sustainability by addressing the minimisation of energy consumption at different levels across the ICT system stack, from hardware to software, as well as discussing energy consumption issues in high-performance computing (HPC), data centres and communication in sensor networks.

This book was realised thanks to the contribution of the project ‘Coordinating Research Efforts of the ICT-Energy Community’ funded from the European Union under the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) area of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (grant agreement n. 611004). BT - ICT - Energy Concepts for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability SP - Ch. 8 UR - https://doi.org/10.5772/65988 DO - 10.5772/65988 SN - 978-953-51-3012-3 PB - IntechOpen CY - Rijeka Y2 - 2022-05-27 ER -