TY - CHAP A1 - Joso Vukelić A2 - Sead Vojnikovic A3 - Damir Ugarkovic A4 - Darko Bakšić A5 - Stjepan Mikac ED1 - Suzanne Simard Y1 - 2010-08-17 PY - 2010 T1 - The Influence of Climate Change on Tree Species Distirbution in South-East Europe N2 - Climate change is emerging as one of the most important issues of our time, with the potential to cause profound cascading effects on ecosystems and society. However, these effects are poorly understood and our projections for climate change trends and effects have thus far proven to be inaccurate. In this collection of 24 chapters, we present a cross-section of some of the most challenging issues related to oceans, lakes, forests, and agricultural systems under a changing climate. The authors present evidence for changes and variability in climatic and atmospheric conditions, investigate some the impacts that climate change is having on the Earth's ecological and social systems, and provide novel ideas, advances and applications for mitigation and adaptation of our socio-ecological systems to climate change. Difficult questions are asked. What have been some of the impacts of climate change on our natural and managed ecosystems? How do we manage for resilient socio-ecological systems? How do we predict the future? What are relevant climatic change and management scenarios? How can we shape management regimes to increase our adaptive capacity to climate change? These themes are visited across broad spatial and temporal scales, touch on important and relevant ecological patterns and processes, and represent broad geographic regions, from the tropics, to temperate and boreal regions, to the Arctic. BT - Climate Change and Variability SP - Ch. 12 UR - https://doi.org/10.5772/9810 DO - 10.5772/9810 SN - PB - IntechOpen CY - Rijeka Y2 - 2022-05-23 ER -